Social Media

  • Create a company page
  • Post posts on your page, keeping it updated and informative
  • Post professionally designed banners and videos (see our design services) to keep your audience captivated
  • Obtain data which can help you to target specific audiences to focus on more relevant followers/contacts
  • Monitor leads
  • Create Facebook Ads
  • Maintain and analyze your page


  • Create your company page ensuring that it is optimised for further reach and better results when your company is searched
  • Create company groups. This is then maintained by reviewing requests to join, removing spam posts and ensuring that relevant content it posted to keep members enticed. Company groups create a further avenue to explore to grow your network
  • Optimise your profile so that your ranking is improved and the reach of your account is extended which will provide more exposure for you and your business
  • Post posts about your industry, business and events. Regular relevant posts will ensure that more people will engage with your profile. This can also drive traffic to your website and encourage people to interact with your posts which in turn can grow your network
  • Post professionally designed banners and videos (see our design services) to keep your audience captivated
  • Grow your network by sending connection requests to your targeted demographic that you want to target or send requests  to contacts who meet your criteria, specific to the goals for your campaign. This will ensure that your network grows in a way that is beneficial to you in the long term
  • Directly message your connections and send follow-up messages, as well as monitor replies, as per your request, for your intended purpose
  • Research contacts which are applicable to your needs
  • Maintain and analyse your page/profile
  • Create a company page
  • Tweet about your company or events to keep your followers interested
  • Keep your page updated to increase interest
  • Directly message your followers 
  • Increase your followers
  • Follow pages which are in your industry
  • Get people and companies to follow you
  • Post professionally designed banners and videos (see our design services) to keep your audience captivated
  • Maintain and analyze your page