Data Services


Using various online platforms, we can extract data, specifically tailored to your needs, to build your base of clients. Through though internet research G2O can provide you with a compilation of validated information. We are able to retrieve data from unstructured sources and place them into usable documentation for your intended purpose and use.


Data capturing is an important aspect of any business but can be time consuming. Our staff can enter data into various requested formats – offline and online – such as database programs, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. G2O can save you time while you reap the benefits!


G2O can utilize data for research and business intelligence purposes by converting data from content and various sources to build spreadsheets and databases


We provide specialized data cleansing services to improve your data quality. This includes data deduplication by identifying potential duplicate entries and removing them thereby eliminating redundant data on databases (online and offline), social media, in-house systems and cloud-based systems such as Salesforce. Cleansing information ensures the information is current and relevant.


Research and networking are the core priority of many successful businesses. G2O offers various research and networking services which will provide you with the quality information you need to achieve your intended purpose or goal.


If you have a data or office related project or task you need assistance with, contact us and we will try to accommodate your request to the best of our abilities.

All our data services strictly adhere to the international guidelines of the GDPR. Global2Outsource is GDPR compliant.