About us

Global2Outsource is a globally renowned outsourcing company that specialises in the processing of corporate information.

Located in South Africa, we have dedicated staff that produce concise, cost effective and efficient services.

Our client sectors range from high profile corporate firms to retail organisations; from mailing service firms to direct marketing and database marketing companies.

We offer our clients a complete turnkey solution that allows for timely reporting, security and accountability while taking into consideration our customers every required need.

G2O’s key is to eliminate overhead costs and provide sound, cost effective tangible data.

"How much goes into removing expired data and making sure the value of your existing database doesn’t deteriorate?"

"At Global2Outsource we take marketing and business contacts databases very seriously. We understand that an updated database is a significant asset to your business."

"We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software." 

Tim O' Reilly